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2003 subaru forester 2003 subaru forester
2003 subaru forester  
    2003 Subaru Forester Review, Dave , From Encinitas, CA

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Forrester XS

 ModelForrester XS
 What things have gone wrong with the car?None yet!
 General comments?My initial impressions of the Forester are that it's a great little car. I narrowed my choices down to a Nissan Xterra--which I eliminated due to a questionable reliability rating--and a Tacoma 4x4. The Tacoma got crap gas mileage and was not as roomy or comfortable as the Forester.
So far my Forester has been great. It's a blast to drive, and I'm looking forward to driving it offroad. A great value compared to other vehicles in its class. Fantastic ergonomics in a very intuitive package. Plus, they fixed the cup holders for 2003.
 Previous carNissan Xterra, Hyundai Santa Fe (crap!), Toyota Tacoma

Review 2003 Subaru Forester Dave , From Encinitas, CA
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