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2003 subaru forester 2003 subaru forester
2003 subaru forester  
    2003 Subaru Forester Review, J_Wong, From Hamilton, ON, Can

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 ModelForester X
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Power - can feel a little sluggish with base engine when fully loaded
Room - from waist up - very roomy, but lacks leg room
Price - most expensive of the 3 compared
Handling - for those who like the benign handling of excessive understeer, the Forester will only give you a little bit of understeer and then take you to controlled oversteer
 General comments?We shopped for a new car-based SUV for 3 months. We compared the Forester to the 2003 RAV 4, and 2003 CRV. We wanted All-wheel drive for safety and security during our nasty winters. We would've went with the CRV except we felt a reactive Real-time 4WD is a handicap as compared with the pro-active All-wheel drives of the RAV 4 and the Forester. We felt the RAV 4 was too small and lacked power. The Forester had the most power and the benefit of proactive All-wheel drive; it won't wait for wheels to slip before engaging All-wheel drive. That combined with an excellent ground clearance made it the winner in our books.
 Previous caronly tested: RAV 4, 2003 CRV

Review 2003 Subaru Forester J_Wong, From Hamilton, ON, Can
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