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2003 subaru forester 2003 subaru forester
2003 subaru forester  
    2003 Subaru Forester Review, Matt , From Kelowna,BC,Canada

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?Clutch grabs - the dealer is putting in a modification kit. If you put a child carseat in the middle position(safest) it is virtually impossible to use the side seatbelts.There is only one keyhole - so if your remote stops working, you are in trouble. The trim on the back hatch is cracked already - just from opening and closing the hatch(dealer is replacing-but it still shouldn't happen). The drivers seat is already frayed- from where i keep my wallet-dealer is also replacing, but claims it is a one of replacement. The seals on the drivers side axle need to be redone already also on warranty. I may have to sell this car once the warranty is up - I can't afford to do repairs like this every 26000km.
 General comments?I bought this car for its high safety rating as I do a lot of highway driving.
While I am pleased with the sense of safety, I am starting to Question the durability of the car as I only have 26000kms on the car but it is starting to show significant wear.
 Previous car1st sport utility,have owned honda, toyota, ford

Review 2003 Subaru Forester Matt , From Kelowna,BC,Canada
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