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1998 subaru forester 1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester 1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester 1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester 1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester 1998 subaru forester
1998 subaru forester 1998 subaru forester
    1998 Subaru Forester Review, Brian Dolezalek, From Castle R

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Subaru Forester

 ModelSubaru Forester
 What things have gone wrong with the car?No moon-roof (at least not in the mid-range model I got); lame brakes (soft, mushy); not roomy enough for people over 6' or over 300 lbs in weight, so-so handling (the Impreza frame is a shade too small for the car IMHO); seats are a bit hard, and lumbar support only for the driver; door cams aren't strong enough (so the doors slam shut by themselves if you're parked on a sidehill angle); computer resets if your battery dies and you have to take it to the dealer to reset it; poor factory stereo (go figure) and WAY OVERPRICED Bose subwoofer option (like $400 with wimpy performance); excessive wind noise; mine has a LOT of trouble starting in the mountains about 10,000 feet.
 General comments?My Forester has 91,000 miles and change on it, so before I get started, let's go over all the bad points about the car that I'm seeing OTHER reviewers list, so I can validate them yay or nay.

"Engineering could be better": I don't see how. Use of space is superb, as is fit and finish.

"MGP is consistently poorer than advertised": this hasn't been my experience. It's a 2.5-liter engine pulling a small-to-midsize SUV; do the math. I commute 54 miles a day total (highway miles), and even with the additional light driving I have to do in the city, I have to fill up maybe once every five days or so. And that's in Colorado; it might even do better at sea level where there's more oxygen...

"Brakes are untrustworthy and frequently serviced": my brakes have stopped my car every time, so to call them untrustworthy is a little extreme, but in general they pretty much suck. I need to get mine done AGAIN; that'll be twice in less that 100K miles. GAG! Mushy and soft, although at least they aren't grabby.

"Automatic Transmission consistently sticks in first gear until the car is really warm": This hasn't been my experience, and I've only heard this in one review. The person may be low on tranny fluid.

"Cup holders sweat all over the stereo": I don't drink hot liquids in the car so I can't confirm this, but the cup holders are flimsy and WAY too close to the stereo. Once I got a Coke from Wendy's and left the half-full cup in the cupholder while I was in a friend's apt for about 2 hours, and when I got back in the car, the cup had sprung a leak and there was Coke all over the stereo! DOH! But the cupholders themselves have never failed me.

"Rear windows don't open all the way": true, but hardly a problem. They open 3
 Previous carNone, only other car was an 84 Honda Prelude

Review 1998 Subaru Forester Brian Dolezalek, From Castle R
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